Kool - The end of an era and the next level


It is great regret and deep sadness but hopefully the right move for the future and longevity of Kool, Suzy and myself have come to the decision to retire from radio and pass the ownership and running of Kool on. We are not just walking away from Kool out right, we will be kept on working with the new owners for a minimum of 5 years in the background with no say in the everyday running of Kool or the Dj/MC rota, but helping with advice and promoting the station.

Myself personally, I feel that at 64 years old, I can’t contribute to Kool, Jungle and DnB the way I have I have in the past, keeping up with all the new talent, going to events and being involved as much as I was in the past. Also, I’m not in the best of health and don’t have the energy like I once did.

We will be turning off on the 1st January 2023 for a month to relocate to the new studio and give the new team time to meet everyone and sort out the rota, also get in place, new websites, socials, and start promotion for relaunch.

We must say a big love and thanks to those who have helped with the running of Kool over the past few years; Tentun, Dan Darkness, Jack-knife, Old Skool and Uno for helping us out. They all helped to keep Kool going over the pass few years and would not been possible without them.

A big special thanks to all our listeners over the past 31 years. It’s truly been unbelievable the amount of Love and respect the station and ourselves have had from the listeners has been second to none, and how faithful as listeners you have been and total respect to all our DJs/MCs that have been a part of Kool over the past 31 years and became household names like Brockie, Det, Ragga Twins, Bryan G, Skibadee R.I.P, Shabba, Funky Flirt,Dj Ron and so many more, the list is endless 100% love and respect for your support.

It really has been life changing. This is not the end, this is a new beginning for Kool, So God willing, we will see you all in February 2023 with Kool - The Next Level.

Eastman & Suzy G
Thank you