Monday Mayhem with Remarc, Eksman & Fearless!

Another new show and a difference for Monday evenings in 2015. Known for cutting up his amens, the original Remarc is joined by Eksman and Fearless for their show - Monday Mayhem! Be sure to tune in and show them love in the chat room. This show is on weekly rotation with Chris Intaface who will continue to take you to Liquid Heaven!

New 'Kool with a K' t-shirts & hoodies available now!

Our new limited range of 'Kool with a K' t-shirts and hoodies are now available direct from our site to mark our 23rd birthday. The t-shirt incorporates our new updated design whilst keeping in tune with the fond, original branding. All sizes are available with secure payment through PayPal. Click here for options.

3 years on. Remembering a friend & listener - Wolves.

It was at the Kool London 20th birthday party when I first met Wolves. A security guard came up to me and said there was a guy at the front and he had something for me. I asked who he was. ‘Someone called Wolves’ he said, so I said ‘ok let him in please’. A small guy made his way towards me looking shy. We both reached out and shook hands; Wolves! East! We had both got to know each other in Kool London’s chat room over the last couple of years.

The Demolition Cru joins Kool London. Dec 14th.

The majority of the old skool crowd will be familiar with the name Demolition Cru. The boys have been away for a couple of years but they are back and will be broadcasting live on Kool London from Sunday 14th December 2014 between 1100-1300 GMT. They need no introduction, they have a great history on radio and they can't wait to get started. Old skool from 87-97, expect to hear what the Demolition Cru does best!

David Boomah & Majestik join Kool with a K. Dec 6th.

Join David Boomah and Majestik on Kool London from Saturday 6th December 2014 between 1900-2100 GMT for their 'Forward Ever' radio show. This new show is every fortnight and a great addition to the Kool stables. Save the date in your diary now! They will be on rotation with Rob Blaze who will continue his show fortnightly.

Tuesdays. Congo Natty & Marcus Visionary new shows!

We are happy and honoured to announce the new 'Jungle Revolution Show' with the legendary Congo Natty live and direct from the Kool London studios every 1st Tuesday of the month starting on Tuesday 4th November 2014. This is his first 'proper' radio show on Kool London with absolutely no playlist, how it should be. The Jungle Revolution Show truly is for all junglists! Congo Natty needs no introduction to Kool London listeners. His music, passion and dedication speak for itself.

The great Marcus Visionary will be in the hot seat every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month and DJ S.O. will continue his show every 3rd Tuesday of the month. A new look for Tuesdays on Kool London between 1900-2100 GMT!

The Ratpack join Kool London on Fridays!

Yes, the legendary boys Everson Allen and Lipmaster Mark know to all as The Ratpack join Kool London for a regular show on Friday afternoon (UK time) between 1300-1500GMT. They will be showcasing a mixture of rave music and new material so you get to hear it first! Make it a date and join them in the chat room too!

Billy Bunter also has an additional show straight after The Ratpack between 1500-1700GMT when he will be showcasing the latest upfront drum & bass and jungle classics. Much to look out for on a Friday on Kool London!