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I was born and raised in Stoke Newington where it all started for me. I was obsessed with vinyl from around the age of 6. Watching my dad play them in our living room and also watching him set up amps, speakers and tape decks where my technical knowledge first started. At 16, I managed to get my first belt driven turntable set up and was DJing in my bedroom. At 18 (1998) my association with Kool started. Initially assisting to set up and take down studios and eventually got my first shows playing early hours Saturday mornings. After having a brief break from Kool due to studying, I came back assisting behind the scenes and play bi-weekly with the Ragga Twins (R.T.C) which is a great honour for me. I play various styles of drum and bass including ragga, liquid and jump up.

Devious D

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Devious D got his name from school where he was always in trouble but managed to keep getting out of it..... So was then given the name Devious !Devious D | Alternating Super Sunday evening between 1900-2100 GMT

In the late 80s Devious D played Hip Hop for the local Sound ‘Solar Force´ and fast became known as one of the best scratch DJs in the area. In 1990 Devious D came 3rd in the regional Technics DMC Mixing Championships.

By 1991 Devious D started playing out on the rave circuit, and got his first big break for the well known organisation Telepathy, and from this playing weekly at Marshgate Lane he started to become very well known and went on to play at virtually every major rave event over the next few years and has since continued to do so. Devious toured the UK with the well known rave band The Prodigy and made 25 appearances as there DJ playing before every Prodigy performance. 1993/94 Devious has established himself on the circuit and playing at most events up & down the country with his Uplifting Jungle Beats.

Funky Flirt

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Super Sunday | 1900-2100 (UK) (alternating)

Funky Flirt has been on the scene for many years playing raves, parties and clubs on the circuit all over the UK. Bookings are not just limited to the UK however. Recent events have seen Funky Flirt travelling as far afield as Germany, Greece and Tenerife.

Flirt's reputation precedes him and his unique DJ style and the professional manner in which operates has lead to him playing at all the major events over the years; including, One Nation, Hysteria, Dreamscape, Slammin Vinyl and Telepathy. With his reputation for throwing down the latest beats and bass, with dubplates flying, his DJ skills will be sure to please.


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DJ Liondub comes correct. An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent over 20 years pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his passion for bass heavy-beats.

Liondub has toured Europe extensively visiting 15 countries, performing over 70 international shows including radio sets on Kiss100 with DJ Hype, and legendary pirate stations Kool Fm with Remarc, MC Eksman and Navigator. Liondub has hit Europe's largest festivals and events in 2011/2012 including Playaz at the legendary London club Fabric, Sub Dub in Leeds, Champion Sound in Bristol, and Outlook Festival in Croatia, one of the worlds premiere electronic music festivals. At Home in New York City Liondub stays up to the time by constantly updating his musical selections, and up to speed by keeping residencies at upscale established venues like The Box, Double 7, Miss Lilys, Thombar, The James Hotel, Hotel On Rivington, Trump Soho and Studio XXI. In total, Liondub performed more than 240 shows worldwide in 2011 in addition to keeping regular radio slots on various radio stations and now the infamous Koollondon.com. His tireless work ethic and passion for music has given him endless opportunities, and garnered him a solid, loyal fanbase.


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With over 20 years in the business DJ Scanner is one of London's most prolific drum and bass DJs. Starting his DJ career as a teenager in East London, DJ Scanner soon caught the attention of the drum and bass scene in the mid 90's and held a regular slot on the infamous Weekend Rush.

DJ Scanner could be found playing all over the nation injecting his musical adrenalin into thousands of drum and bass ravers, playing everything from old skool jungle to dance floor jump up at venues including the SEOne and the Ministry of Sound.

Not content with just DJing, he has begun to produce serious upfront drum and bass tracks and is the founding member to the highly respected drum and bass collective - Subzone Audio. Still rinsing the scene, both his skills on the decks and his track production is second to none.

Viper [DJ]

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I started to learn how to DJ around 1992 I managed to buy a set of Sound Lab Belt Driven Dexs, I could not afford a table at the time so I had to practice on my hands and knees no carpet so it was proper hardcore back then.

For those that remember the Tesco own brand sausages and bacon and eggs  and bread in the blue and white stripe packages you could buy all of this for under a Fiver and I survived on this just so I could buy records.

I was always buying from Brick house records in Grays, Boogie Times Records in Romford and Nicky Black Market in Soho I was always greeted with a big smile knowing full well am about to hand over a wad of cash Chi Ching !!!!

My first radio show was  on Dance  Zone FM around late 93 in Grays Essex and it was here where I learnt the first stages of DJ Mixing I knew nothing about music theory or how music was put together I didn’t grow up in the sound system culture as I grew up in a completely different culture to my own at a very young age and where I grew up there was no such things as a pirate radio station only Radio Carolina, I was always searching for different music on the radio  dial and  I remember instinctively I used to play with the graphic Equaliser cutting out the different frequency I would be around 12 - 13 years old when I was doing that and remember I didn’t even know what a DJ  was.

Billy 'Daniel' Bunter

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Daniel was there from the beginning of Dance culture. Starting his 20 year DJ journey with seminal London party Labrynth where he remained Resident for 5 years until 1994.

Through out the 90s Billy Daniel Bunter wowed fans at the UKs most iconic parties: World Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Rezurection, Hardcore Heaven et all. As well as taking the World by storm: Asia, North America, New Zealand, Australia and the whole of Europe were all shaken to the foundation by the energy of a Billy Daniel Bunter DJ show.

As music radically changes, Daniel is always at the forefront of the fresh new sounds, and in the past 10 years can boast being in a very privileged position where his unique musical styles and 21 year fan base and reputation has seen him head line a diverse and exciting mix of the best parties in the world spinning: Old Skool, Rave Breaks, Hardcore, House and Hard Dance: Ministry Of Sound, Moondance, Polysexual, Frantic, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Bounce 2 This, Pams House, Fantazia, Uproar, HTID, Slinky, Sundisential, Euphoria, Heat, Pacha and 100s more the world over have continued to be entertained by Billy Daniel Bunter.

Listen to Billy Daniel Bunter every Monday afternoon between 1200-1500 GMT.


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Dizzyblonde started her raving journey in 1994 at a little club named Labrynth in Dalston Lane where instantly she fell passionately in love with the music and the scene! Like many, Dizzy started out as a mere raver, but the bug of the music took hold of her and that progressed to becoming a DJ, representing as a dancer for Labrynth in between and olaying regularly in London, Ibiza, Tenerife and Corfu. Started on Kool in May 2015. You can catch DJ DizzyBlonde weekly for her Super Sunday Service Show on Kool London each week at 11am -1pm.

Future Thinkin'

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Every Monday night between 1900-2100 GMT

Join Future Thinkin and their band of followers for their weekly journey through the land of Drum and Bass.  As always the show is expertly hosted by Shylo:MC and Vocalist I-One and DJ DM C.U.T. will continue to demonstrate the skills that have earned him the tag "The Specialist" - Expect everything from the filthiest Jump Up to the Deepest Dub presented in FT's unmistakable "Music First" style...

Lipton [MC/DJ]

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London Carnival, Shock sound system, Brian Gee, 1994 is where it all began for Lipton. From there he has been on numerous radio stations such as: Dream Fm, Don Fm, Crystal Fm, Upfront Fm and Kool FM to name but a few.

In 1995 he met up with Paul Roast and worked on a series of different projects that, involved the creation of FreshFm, a club event and a DJ Agency called Young Gunz.

In 1996 Lipton went to University in Liverpool where he became a Legal Radio Presenter on Crash 107.6 Fm playing Garage & House every Sunday evening.

Lipton has performed in numerous clubs abroad, in the UK and at events such as: Trinity, Sun City, One Love, Together as One, Slamming Vinyl, Dream All-nighters, Alexandra Palace, Garage Nation, Jungle Fever, Seven Wonders, Absolute Sunday, Happy Days, UK Garage Music Festival and Sidewinder to name but a few.

Over the years Lipton has worked with the likes of Pied Piper, Grooverider, Randall, DJ SY, DJ Vibes, Miss Dynamite, Matt Jam Lamont, Mike Ruff Cutt Lloyd, Jaydee, Andy C, EZ, Fabio, Karl Brown, Dream Team and practically everyone else.

Lipton got together with His and Hers Music and came up with Undaground & Ladies Man which was signed to DND.In 2000.

Most recently Lipton has been making music with Wikaman and Hoodlum. You can catch Lipton every year at London’s Notting Hill Carnival hosting on the Disco Hustlers sound system


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Shockin B (DJ/MC) has been involved in the underground hardcore jungle scene since the early 90's. He started his professional career as a rapper and was a member of a jazz fusion band called The Fuzz Junkies.

Self taught to mix and chat/rap etc as a follow on from school and playground antics and sound system days. Shockin' also shared skills and tips with many youngsters during many workshops he tutored at his local youth centre.

Shockin' later went on to make waves on the pirate radio scene as MC Shocking and started on a local station called Function FM proceeding to Weekend Rush and worked alongside the likes of the Brainkillers Apache and Unknown), Ital, Funky Flirt, Red Ant, Remarc, Rusher and Fox, Shabba D and Sparks.

It wasn't until his move, the turn of the year 95/96 when he got on to the legendary Kool FM and the story continues.

Chris Intaface

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Chris Intaface’s introduction to radio presenting and DJing started in 1983 and some may find it difficult to comprehend that his journey as a Presenter and DJ commenced at the mere age of 11 years old.

Throughout the time; Chris has presented on a host of both pirate and commercial radio stations over the years, in addition to working behind the scenes in record distribution companies such as Chrysalis and ZYX records. It stands to reason then, that his success and longevity in the industry is  contributed  by his broad music experience.

Chris Intaface is now in his 12 year of service on Kool London having joined the family over a decade ago in 2009.

Chris Intaface continues to fly the flag, representing the liquid Funk sound of our genre with his monthly Liquid Heaven Goes Late Night show on Monday Nights. He continues to source and showcase the hottest drum and bass for his Monday night instalment which, is also complemented with periodic appearances and interviews from some of the most influential  producers and DJs in the industry.

DJ Code

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CODE, DJ Code, D-Region & Code, Sketch & Code. However you know this DJ/Producer from South London, he has maintained a position in the drum and bass scene since 1994 playing events worldwide across Europe, the US and North America.

He’s regularly performed for the UK’s leading promoters World Dance, AWOL, Innovation, One Nation, Movement, Desire, Telepathy, Pure Science, Universe, and performed at iconic venues such as Ministry of Sound, Brixton Academy, Bagley’s, Victoria Docks and Alexandra Palace.

As a producer he was one half of Sketch & Code with more than 50 vinyl releases on labels such as Emotif, Intercom, Sonix, Times Two, Solid Ground, Furious Records to name a few. Now one half of D-Region & Code with his production partner based in Tornoto, they are focused on quality not quantity working with a solid roaster of recognisable names such as Pat Fulgoni, Maestro Fresh Wes, Lights, Kim Nile, Trinity Chris, JRDN, Konshens, Identified and continue to release through various labels such as Emotif Recordings, M-Ocean Records, Beats In Mind, DNBB Records (Brazil).


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Dare to play different. For many years, Jack-knife (also known as Uncle Jack) hosted his weekly show ‘Kool Hardcore’. It was responsible for introducing many Kool listeners to the alternative and darker side of hardcore rave music.

Spawned from this show, he created the ‘undiluted and uncompromised’ branded London based event - ‘kin Hardcore, an underground hardcore rave for those wanting to hear a much wider range of the genre.

Continuing his underground journey, Jack-knife now presents Kool London’s premier hip hop show; 'You don't know Jack!' This is his personal journey through the ‘golden age of hip hop’. Music which influenced this genre is sporadically sprinkled throughout so a keen ear and open mind is essential when listening. To coincide with his show, he launched the hip hop and soul event ‘Run the Interference’ (RTI) which ran many successful nights in Camden.

Musically, Jack-knife takes a ‘purist’ attitude and is swayed towards going in very deep rather than spreading thinly. He is also a keen vinyl turntablist!

Major [DJ]

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I have been on Kool London for around 7 years, I was on Kool back in 2005 for a few years had a bit of a break came back around 2018. I hold down a bi-weekly show on a Thursday, 1700-1900 called the UMA a show. It is basically a label show playing stuff from Underground Major Audio. Check out our www.undergroundmajoraudio.com for more when chance come check the show.

Happy 30th to Kool London - big achievement. RIP Yush, original veteran.

Ten Tun

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I first had a taste of the underground sound in 1988/89 when I found a 12" copy of "House Nation" randomly sitting up against a wall near the local tube station. After getting home and hearing it, I knew that this was the music I wanted.

In early 1992 at the age of 12, I got hold of a mixer from Tandy, no special effects, no cross fader, no EQ's, just a basic 4 channel mixer. That was enough......For now. I then used a tape player and a hifi turntable (With part of a screwdriver glued into the motor underneath to work as a crude pitch adjust) to learn how to mix tracks together.

Late 1991/ Early 1992 everyone was listening to pirate radio, Pulse, Ragga, Station, Kool etc, I got a taste for the sound...Next step was....Where to buy the records. My then local record shop supplied a lot of reggae that I purchased. Then I spotted an LP called "Progressive Hardcore" (Rising High Records). I purchased it, took it home and played it and from that point everything changed, nothing else mattered other than following that sound.

Co Gee

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Mc Co-Gee, is one of the first and longest serving MC on Kool London hailing from the reggae/ragga/soul & hip hop sound system days where he started performing with the likes of Peter Bouncer on the now defunct Eastman sound system amongst other sounds where he did guest appearances.

Throughout the years he has developed and refreshed his style always keeping on top of the game with his topical and some would say outspoken lyrics, but one thing for sure is this artist has never been afraid to tackle topical issues in lyrical form no matter what! A true soldier and a breath of fresh air from a jungle drum and bass living legend.


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I started to DJ in my bedroom from 1990 mixing hip hop and then making the progression to hardcore and drum & bass. In 1994 I got my first radio set on London's Rude FM which was originally on 104.3 but then moved on the dial to 88.2. I played on Rude FM for 14 years before getting my break on Kool. In 1999 I decided to step into the world of production as this was the most natural progression from DJing. After a few years of messing around I finally got my debut release under the belt in 2001 when I released my first drum & bass 12" with loads of help from the mighty Dylan. It was released on Spektrum Audi.

I was also lucky enough to collaborate with B-Key on a track called Default, which was released on XXX no 7. Unfortunately, it took 6 more years for me to have my name on another release this time on a VIP mix of Donny and Blik's Amputation which came out in September 2007 on the Evil has a Name EP on Barcode Recordings. I am currently doing more production on recognised drum & bass labels.

I've played for promoters like Therapy Sessions, Renegade Hardware, Tech:nology, Autopsy, Pirate Sessions and many more others over the years. I have also played on a number of internet radio stations over the years from Life FM, Twisted Frequency, UK Rumble, DnB Worldwide and many others.

Keith Rinse It

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A Dj/Producer from East London, Keith has been a Dj since 1992 and a producer since 1999. You can catch him on Kool London every other Tuesday 9-11pm with Marvellous Cain, Soul Culture and other artists from the label on rotation for the YardRock show, he signed to RIQ YardRock in 2012 along with some very talented artists and a great team of people to back it up. He has played all over Europe and it goes off whenever he steps on stage, already a favourite Yardrock artist with the Kool London listeners.

MC Melo Don

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MC Melo Don has been the game since 1993 and still here doing his thing. Events such as One Nation, Atomics, Reclamation Education, Helter Skelter, Innovation, Jungle Fever,, Jungle Cakes, Played over in Miami and Denver with DJ Uno plus many more.

Upakut [DJ]

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Upakut has been on Kool London since November 2006. A stalwart who has been in and around the drum and bass scene from its inception, he has worked hard to get where he is and is still moving forward. He tends to stay out the spotlight, wanting to be the cogs keeping the machine moving and although many listeners may not know him, he is a key player who is recognised by many in the industry.

He has played on a host of stations and at various clubs nationally and internationally for a number of years. Although he has produced tracks as well as being in the studio to this date, he had become well known for his sets where he has produced mixes which defied belief. He has had a host of mix tapes from as far back as 1995 selling like hot cakes!

He also has run record shops (IMO Records) and is currently working in the scene as a freelance writer for www.coremagonline.com where he writes regular columns as well as drum and bass reviews.

He has helped with Cubist’s Colours Recordings label and has his own imprint Kevlar Beats about to drop so you could say he has been very busy. Watch this space….