Upakut [DJ]

Written by Administrator.

Upakut has been on Kool London since November 2006. A stalwart who has been in and around the drum and bass scene from its inception, he has worked hard to get where he is and is still moving forward. He tends to stay out the spotlight, wanting to be the cogs keeping the machine moving and although many listeners may not know him, he is a key player who is recognised by many in the industry.

He has played on a host of stations and at various clubs nationally and internationally for a number of years. Although he has produced tracks as well as being in the studio to this date, he had become well known for his sets where he has produced mixes which defied belief. He has had a host of mix tapes from as far back as 1995 selling like hot cakes!

He also has run record shops (IMO Records) and is currently working in the scene as a freelance writer for www.coremagonline.com where he writes regular columns as well as drum and bass reviews. He has helped with Cubist’s Colours Recordings label and has his own imprint Kevlar Beats about to drop so you could say he has been very busy. Watch this space….