Chris Intaface

Written by Administrator.

Chris Intaface’s introduction to radio presenting and DJing started in 1983 and some may find it difficult to comprehend that his journey as a Presenter and DJ commenced at the mere age of 11 years old.

Throughout the time; Chris has presented on a host of both pirate and commercial radio stations over the years, in addition to working behind the scenes in record distribution companies such as Chrysalis and ZYX records. It stands to reason then, that his success and longevity in the industry is  contributed  by his broad music experience.

Chris Intaface is now in his 12 year of service on Kool London having joined the family over a decade ago in 2009.

Chris Intaface continues to fly the flag, representing the liquid Funk sound of our genre with his monthly Liquid Heaven Goes Late Night show on Monday Nights. He continues to source and showcase the hottest drum and bass for his Monday night instalment which, is also complemented with periodic appearances and interviews from some of the most influential  producers and DJs in the industry.

Kool’s official House show - Liquid Heaven Goes House.

Having launched an additional radio show to that of his Monthly Drum n Bass slot to celebrate his long-standing  love of House and Techno in 2011. Liquid Heaven Goes House is certified as the official House show on Kool London and Chris is now  in the process of arranging the trimmings to celebrate 10 years of LHGH. The show which features an exclusive collaboration with the legend Colin Dale has generated noticeable  attention and momentum on the UK and international club scene and radio Circuit.

One of the secret  Ingredients to Chris’s authenticity, unique style of performing and selecting the cream of House and Techno, is imbedded in the way he plays liquid funk Drum n Bass. Listen carefully to his sets and this notion becomes very apparent.

Liquid Heaven Goes Chill - seasonal series.

Chris never fails to embrace the opportunity to share the wealth of his musical Influences  with his audience and the world of chill is a huge part of his rhythmic life. LHGC - ‘Liquid Heaven Goes Chill’ is a special annual show where Chris gently puts to the side his usual  specialist genres of Liquid Funk Dnb and House and Techno, to present 2 hours of what he describes as Musical Tranquility.

So if you feel like listening to something a little different, music  to help you feel warm inside, well LHGC Season  1-3 are the perfect listening experiences and Chris is in the process of planning Season 4 scheduled for broadcast in early 2022. Welcome to my world of Chill!

Chris is now in his second decade presenting on Kool London and he continues to bring quality and  structure to his shows , delivered with revered passion and dedication.

Check Chris Intaface out 9-11pm. 1st Monday of the Month - liquid Heaven Goes House ( House Show). 2nd Monday of the Month - Liquid Heaven Goes Late Night  (DnB Show).