X-Rated Kru

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Established in 1991, collectively known as the X-Rated Kru. Fly, Ricochet and Mc Reg started off as three individuals showcasing their skill in their bedrooms, and this quickly developed into a passion and a desire to demonstrate their capabilities to a wider audience. Embarking upon an early morning radio show on one of the most popular London pirate radio stations at the time, they swiftly moved up the rota to a primetime show and shortly after opportunities came to perform at some great events across the UK. After making their long-awaited return, the X-Rated Kru have now added the lyrically talented master of ceremonies, Raider with his unique freestyle and variety of Mc’ing styles that are sure to engage any crowd. Fly and Ricochet continue to push the boundaries playing a wide range of DnB styles mixed with jungle and Old Skool favourites.