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Jack-knife | 'You don't know Jack' hip hop and breaks alternating Super Sunday between 1300-1500 GMT

Dare to play different. For many years, Jack-knife (also known as Uncle Jack) hosted his weekly show ‘Kool Hardcore’. It was Kool London’s first show consistently dedicated to underground hardcore (post hardcore era) and responsible for introducing many Kool London listeners to the alternative and darker side of hardcore rave music. He also created the ‘undiluted and uncompromised’ branded London based event - ‘kin Hardcore, an underground hardcore rave for those wanting to hear a much wider range of the genre.

Continuing his underground journey, Jack-knife now presents Kool London’s premier hip hop show; 'You don't know Jack!' This is his personal journey through the ‘golden age of hip hop’; (arguably the best years). Music which influenced this genre is sporadically sprinkled throughout so a keen ear and open mind is essential when listening. His other London based event ‘Run the Interference’ also showcases this style of hip hop as well as soul, funk and reggae.

Jack-knife takes a ‘purist’ attitude towards the music he plays and is swayed towards going in very deep rather than spreading thinly which he continues to demonstrate. He is also a keen vinyl turntablist!

Listen to Jack-knife, Super Sunday afternoon between 1300-1500 GMT | 0800-1000 EST (NY) | 0500-0700 PDT (LA) | 2300-0100 EDT (NSW)

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Keith Rinse-It | Alternating Tuesday night between 2100-2300 GMT

A Dj/producer from East London, Keith has been a Dj since 1992 and a producer since 1999. You can catch him on every other Tuesday 9-11pm with Marvellous Cain, Soul Culture and other artists from the label on rotation for the YardRock show, he signed to RIQ YardRock in 2012 along with some very talented artists and a great team of people to back it up, he has played all over Europe and it goes off whenever he steps on stage, already a favourite Yardrock artist with the Kool London listeners.

Listen to Keith Rinse-It on Tuesdays 2100-2300 | 1600-1800 EST (NY) | 1300-1500 PDT (LA)

Liondub | Every Wednesday night between 2300-0100 GMT live from NYC

DJ Liondub comes correct. An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent over 20 years pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his passion for bass heavy-beats.

Liondub has toured Europe extensively visiting 15 countries, performing over 70 international shows including radio sets on Kiss100 with DJ Hype, and legendary pirate stations Kool Fm with Remarc, MC Eksman and Navigator. Liondub has hit Europe's largest festivals and events in 2011/2012 including Playaz at the legendary London club Fabric, Sub Dub in Leeds, Champion Sound in Bristol, and Outlook Festival in Croatia, one of the worlds premiere electronic music festivals. At Home in New York City Liondub stays up to the time by constantly updating his musical selections, and up to speed by keeping residencies at upscale established venues like The Box, Double 7, Miss Lilys, Thombar, The James Hotel, Hotel On Rivington, Trump Soho and Studio XXI. In total, Liondub performed more than 240 shows worldwide in 2011 in addition to keeping regular radio slots on various radio stations and now the infamous His tireless work ethic and passion for music has given him endless opportunities, and garnered him a solid, loyal fanbase.

Armed with raw talent, right intentions, a humble demeanor and the tireless determination of a true New Yorker, he began DJ'ing in 1991. As a 7" toting reggae and hip-hop dj hustling in the LES, Liondub embarked on a journey that has since taken him to the four corners of the dub diaspora; from Jamaican Roots and Dancehall Reggae to the Jungle Drum and bass of the UK, from high up on Hip-Hop to down-low on Dubstep. Along the way he has worked with and studied under great masters, paid untold dues and kept it Bed-Sty real in the name of music; all-the-while sharpening skills, developing expertise and establishing critical relationships across geographic and sonic divides.

From NYC he criss-crossed North America and from London he performed all across Europe, all the while cultivating roots and building a solid foundation in his home-away-from-home, Jamaica. Always armed with a current arsenal of jungle/dubstep & reggae dubplates, Liondub's explosive, unique, sets have gone down a storm on stages shared by a lengthy list of legends including Sly & Robbie, Johnny Osbourne, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, Sister Nancy, Sizzla, Capleton, Morgan Heritage, Damian Marley, Afrika Baambaata, Jazzy Jay, The Fugees, The Beatnuts, DJ Krush, DJ Hype, Andy C, Goldie, Loefah, Kryptic Minds, Pinch, and Emalkay to name just a few. Emerging from the shadows of giants, Liondub's performances and mixes have moved him into the spotlight with re-current tours and podcast exclusives airing on and, home of the highly influential Knowledge Magazine.

Between stints as a wax-warrior you can find Liondub in the recording studio honing the flipside of his craft. 2010-12 saw Liondub remixing official tracks featuring Elephant Man, TopCat, Blackout JA, Brother Culture & Jahdan all to great acclaim with radio and club support across the globe. His steady stream of productions and artist voicings converged with the Toronto-based producer Marcus Visionary resulting in the launch of Liondub International. This multi-genre label has been sending massive waves through the sub-frequency obsessed bandwidth, peaking (so far) with "The General" featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore, a track co-produced with Matt Shadetek that was tipped as one of the top Ragga-influenced dubstep tracks of 2009. With ongoing support from massive selectors like DJ Hype, Shy FX, Annie Nightingale, Fabio, Rusko, Ramadanman, Crissy Chris and MJ Cole, and current studio projects with Jah Cure, Sizzla, Capleton, Bounty Killer, John Holt, Horace Andy, and more, 2013 looks to be a year of exceptional promise for this well established dj and his new international imprint. Additionally Liondub partnered with Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor of Big Ship Label fame to launch a series of remix projects to be released early 2013 featuring superstar reggae artists Chino, Stephen & Freddie McGregor, Christopher Martin, Morgan Heritage and more. Liondub45 is Liondub's newest label imprint co-founded in 2009 with legendary producer Victor Axelrod. Axelrod , Otherwise known as Ticklah, has produced under the wings of Mark Ronson for almost a decade now. Since its inception Liondub and Ticklah have released a catalog of collectible 7”s focusing on deep, vintage dub and scorching Roots Reggae showcasing the talents of a venerable collection of original foundation vocalists and young rising stars including Sugar Minott, Judah Eskender, Courtney John and Jahdan Blakkamoore.

So whether behind the decks as a DJ, behind the boards as a producer/engineer or behind the scenes as a label executive, event producer and record shop buyer, it is Liondub's uncommon ability to flow between these kindred yet surprisingly disparate musical spheres that distinguishes his creative vision and defines his professional ethos.

What emerges from Liondub's wide angle view of Dub history is an improbable yet fresh way forward that balances the warm soul and raw spontaneity of a Kingston Dancehall sound system with the exacting precision of a London Drum and Bass technician. That's no easy mission, but one Liondub delivers on daily.

Listen to Liondub live from NYC on Wednesdays 2300-0100 | 1800-2000 EST (NY) | 1500-1700 PDT (LA) and Super Sundays 2300-0100 GMT

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DJ Major | Alternating Thursdays between 1700-1900 GMT

Born and raised in South London, DJ Major was at ground zero for the explosion of creativity and energy that gave us the rich variety of genres that represent the Urban music scene. His elder brother was none other than DJ Champion of the renowned Jam Down Rockers sound system and DJ Major credits his brother as both a musical guide and inspiration. DJ Major’s interest in music has been life-long and is literally in is blood. From Acid House to Drum and Bass, to Garage and Grime, DJ Major has been absorbing influences and ideas since the early 1990s.

DJ Major developed his own unique style in music double dropping rinsing out big basslines and went on to be involved in Aftershock (ASK), a collective of DJs and MCs. DJ Major has performed and promoted sets both in the UK across Europe and has featured on other FM stations.  After a brief hiatus from the music scene, DJ Major is back with a new fortnightly show on Kool London. Major is currently spending a lot of time in studio and looking some releases in 2018.

He has worked at: Twisted, Relick, Pure Jungle, Release, Impact, Inigo, Bar Rumba, TOV, Breakin' Science and Jungle Fever to name a few.

Listen to DJ Major on Thursdays 1700-1900

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Marvellous Cain | Alternating Tuesday night between 2100-2300 GMT

An absolute legend in the Jungle/drum and bass scene. Marvellous Cain had a series of big tunes during jungle's ragga heyday including 'The Hitman' and 'Dub plate Style' Marvellous Cain is now CEO of 'YARDROCK' one of the biggest, freshest and most talked about junglist movements in the scene today, this in correlation with the 'RIQ YARDROCK' record label, (producing some of the best tunes of 2013) Proud to be a Kool family member with a Tuesday night, weekly Yardrock show.

Listen to Marvellous Cain on Tuesdays 2100-2300 | 1600-1800 EST (NY) | 1300-1500 PDT (LA)

The Shrimp On The Barbie Show!

Mickey Dubz, Dubnekta, Gedi & Rabblez MC | Saturday morning between 0300-0500 GMT | 1400-1600 NZ | 1200-1400 QLD

Mickey Dubz is a true Junglist. It all started when he heard a Kool FM tape at school in 96. In 98 he started mixing and soon found himself at his local record store most days. After moving to Brisbane he linked up with the Basscreepz, a Brisbane Drum & Bass crew. From there, he has supported some of the biggest names in Jungle / Drum & Bass, guest mix's on RDU FM (Christchurch, New Zealand), Metro FM & has been presenting the Basscreepz DnB TeeVee since then.

Dubnekta started out in the early 90's mixing Breakbeat and Hip-Hop. The need for bass took him to the scene of Sydney - Australia which is where it all started for him. Since moving up to Queensland he joined the BassCreepz, mixing the darker side of Dubstep and Drum & Bass melting dance floors across Australia. The past few years have been busy for Dubnekta, with most weekends booked out along side Mickey Dubz, Rabblez MC and Gedi. Dubnekta has had the privilege of supporting the likes of Truth, Andy C, Crissy Cris and Chasing Shadows to name a few.

Gedi originally from Christchurch - New Zealand has been DJing for many years now, only in the last 2 years has he taken it further with regular gigs supporting some of Drum & Bass's finest artis's such as Crissy Criss The Qemists, Culture Shock, Delta Heavy & Prototypes as well as holding down a weekly dnb tv show along side Mickey Dubz & Rabblez MC.

Originally from Auckland - New Zealand, Andrew Morris AKA Rabblez MC found love for Drum & Bass as a teenager,  already into writing hip hop rhymes he started focusing on DnB. After Moving to Australia he fell away from writing lyrics until finally established in Brisbane, where he met Mickey Dubz who inspired him to start writing again and two venture out into the Brisbane Drum & Bass scene. Rabblez has MC’d alongside some of the best in Drum & Bass, Loadstar, Crissy Criss, Mickey Finn aswell as countless support slots. With original lyrics, melodic flows and a unique style Rabblez lights up any dance floor when he steps to the mic.

Listen to Mickey Dubz, Rabblez MC, Gedi and Dubnekta on Kool London for The Shrimp On The Barbie Show live and direct from Brisbane Australia, every Saturday 0300-0500 GMT | 1200-1400 QLD time | 1400-1600 NZ time.

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DJ Ruffride | Alternating Saturday night/Sunday morning between 0100-0300 GMT

Dj Ruffride first started DJing back in 1998 in small barns, muddy fields, and house parties. It wasn’t until 2004 when he started to break through into the circuit playing regularly in one of the biggest up and coming rooms in the UK – New-Nation hosted by the Mighty One-Nation. After taking over the reign of New-Nation in 2005 he started tour nights and DJing across the whole of the UK from Edinburgh to London.

He first started producing in 2005 and in 2009 paired up in the studio with Vital Elements with various releases played by Grooverider on Radio 1, forthcoming tracks on Grid Recordings and an 8 track LP due for release shortly. What will be next? One thing is for sure, this is definitely someone to watch out for.

Listen to DJ Ruffride every alternate Saturday night between 0100-0300 rotating with DJ FT.

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