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DJ Scanner | Every Friday evening between 1900-2100 GMT

With over 15 years in the business DJ Scanner is one of London's most prolific drum and bass DJs. Starting his DJ career as a teenager in East London, DJ Scanner soon caught the attention of the drum and bass scene in the mid 90's and held a regular slot on the infamous Weekend Rush.

DJ Scanner could be found playing all over the nation injecting his musical adrenalin into thousands of drum and bass ravers, playing everything from old skool jungle to dance floor jump up at venues including the SEOne and the Ministry of Sound.

Not content with just DJing, he has begun to produce serious upfront drum and bass tracks and is the founding member to the highly respected drum and bass collective - Subzone Audio. Still rinsing the scene after a decade and a half, both his skills on the decks and his track production is second to none.

Listen to DJ Scanner on Fridays 1900-2100 | 1400-1600 EST (NY) | 1100-1300 PDT (LA)

Sub Slayers | Every Friday afternoon between 1700-1900 GMT

Launched in 2009 by Jay Cunning, Sub Slayers record label has had multiple single of the months and support from across the globe for their releases pushing the new Future Jungle sound.

Stepping up to 2012 and a new era begins as Sub Slayers hits the airwaves on the legendary Kool London.  The first of the show’s hosts is Jay Cunning who is no stranger to radio after hosting a weekly Breakbeat show on Kiss FM for over 4 years as well as holding shows on Ministry Of Sound, Breaks FM and Lush FM back in the day. Co-hosting the show is King Yoof (aka Alex Sonz Of Mecha) who was the main man behind the seminal Breaks FM radio station for over 6 years.

The show will mainly focus on a new sound which both have been pivotal in forging in the last few years called Future Jungle, a sound which takes the influences of an unforgettable era of dance music with todays production skills. Of course they won't be forgetting their roots on the show so expect a quick fire mix of classics thrown in the mix. Together these 2 DJs bring a wealth of experience and influence to the airwaves, a show not to be missed!

Listen to Sub Slayers every Friday afternoon drivetime between 1700-1900 GMT.

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Ten Tun | Every Tuesday morning between 0800-1100 GMT and Sunday morning between 0500-0700 GMT

I first had a taste of the underground sound in 1988/89 when I found a 12" copy of "House Nation" randomly sitting up against a wall near the local tube station. After getting home and hearing it, I knew that this was the music I wanted.

In early 1992 at the age of 12, I got hold of a mixer from Tandy, no special effects, no cross fader, no EQ's, just a basic 4 channel mixer. That was enough......For now. I then used a tape player and a hifi turntable (With part of a screwdriver glued into the motor underneath to work as a crude pitch adjust) to learn how to mix tracks together.

Late 1991/ Early 1992 everyone was listening to pirate radio, Pulse, Ragga, Station, Kool etc, I got a taste for the sound...Next step was....Where to buy the records. My then local record shop supplied a lot of reggae that I purchased. Then I spotted an LP called "Progressive Hardcore" (Rising High Records). I purchased it, took it home and played it and from that point everything changed, nothing else mattered other than following that sound.

Between 1994 and 1995, I was still purchasing Reggae but was also purchasing Jungle tracks like Johnny, Lighter, R.I.P and Pulp Fiction. Around this time there were a few new stations; Radio Active was a memorable one. This was where I first got to hear happy hardcore. Back then it was all mixed together with jungle within the one set.

I early 1996, I was flicking through the FM dial and heard "31 Seconds" playing, so I wacked a tape in and started recording. The track wound down and on came an MC (Ruff) and the next track had clapping at the beginning. It then burst into some mad amen’s and kicks and as soon as it dropped I was hooked. The track was Simply Electric by Force & Evolution and the DJ and MC were Spinback & MC Ruff. The Station was Dream FM. 1996 was an excellent year for underground music with so many 12" releases each week. Happy hardcore, drum & bass and reggae were the records of choice and there were loads to choose from.

Towards the end of 1998, a lot of record shops had closed down and a fair few stations had ceased broadcasting. Not to be left out or bored with music I then started purchasing hard house and rap/hip-hop.

Around late 2002/2003, I was listening to Eruption FM and heard a DJ (TC) playing some interesting sounds and from 2003/2004 I wanted to get a slot on a station.

In around Mid 2004 I was asked to do a mix tape by the Eruption FM management. I completed the mix and I was also asked to present the mix. I then went to a rave at the "Electroworks" where I passed the tape on to someone who then passed the tape and eventually it got to where it was needed.

Around November 2004 was my first ever set on Eruption FM and I remained with them until 2012 mainly playing happy Hardcore, old skool, jungle and drum & bass with the occasional hard house set thrown in.

Come late 2012, myself & TC got our first set on Kool London playing a 1988-1990 selection and since then to the present time, I have remained on Kool London playing a selection of reggae, old skool, happy hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, acid house and most in-between.

Massive thanks to the listeners. Without you, what’s the point? Also thanks to TC, Wizbit, Yang, Dangerous, Als, Eastman, Susie G, Clockwork, NSK and all that helped the Tenners over the years.

DJ Upakut | Alternating Saturday afternoons between 1100-1300 GMT

Upakut has been on Kool London since November 2006. A stalwart who has been in and around the drum and bass scene from its inception, he has worked hard to get where he is and is still moving forward. He tends to stay out the spotlight, wanting to be the cogs keeping the machine moving and although many listeners may not know him, he is a key player who is recognised by many in the industry.

He has played on a host of stations and at various clubs nationally and internationally for a number of years. Although he has produced tracks as well as being in the studio to this date, he had become well known for his sets where he has produced mixes which defied belief. He has had a host of mix tapes from as far back as 1995 selling like hot cakes!

He also has run record shops (IMO Records) and is currently working in the scene as a freelance writer for where he writes regular columns as well as drum and bass reviews.

He is also helping in the promotion of the labels Neutronic Beats ( run by DJ Manga and also the Sound Bully Audio label run by Jayline and Barrikade. He has helped with Cubist’s Colours Recordings label and has his own imprint Kevlar Beats about to drop so you could say he has been very busy. Watch this space….

Listen to Upakut every alternate Saturday morning between 1100-1300 GMT.

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